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These cattle provide excellent hides because of their alpine location and skin quality. The Perlinger tannery maintains a strong relationship with the herdsmen of the German Simmental cattle and, as a result, is able to select the most pristine hides.


This allows the tannery to use the natural surface of the hide to create texture without buffing, correcting, or embossing. In short, Perlinger offers a true full grain hide. Five generations of history at Perlinger have gone into the selection of materials and processes for creating these hides, including a unique combination of tanning and finishing which spans three weeks and has over one hundred discrete steps. Due to the scarcity and quality of these hides, the cost per square foot is higher than many commodity leathers.

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We recommend that you only use this leather for your best projects and most premium products. All stock used in the production of the Alpine full grain calf leather by the Perlinger tannery is also used in the meat industry. Every aspect of the cattle is fully utilized and their care is evident in the consistent unblemished skins they yield. Every hide is produced end to end entirely in Germany. Production is also subject to the strict German environmental directives for water, air and waste.

When working, it should be moistened and treated carefully like a soft leather to prevent grain cracking. Unfortunately, we did not purchase the bead portion of the business and do not sell beads at TLG.

Leather Leather is the tanned or dressed skin of an animal. Possessing qualities superior to any man made material.

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Chrome Tanned: Principal Method of tanning leather with a mineral agent. Chrome tanning is achieved using one or more salts of metal chromium, which produces a soft and flexible leather ideal for use in garments, upholstery, shoe tops etc. Finished Leather: Leather with all processing completed. These processes can include the application of a stamped or corrective grain, color and a final coating of any protective finish.

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Flesh Side of Leather: Under part or back of leather that was next to the meat of flesh of the animal. Grain Side of Leather Epidermis or outer layer of animal skins.

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Also refers to the outer or hair side of the skin that has been split into 2 or more thickness' Full Grain is leather just as it is when removed from the animal, with only the hair removed. Ounce "weight" Of Leather This measurement is an indication of the thickness of certain kinds of leather. Suede A finished product by sanding or running the surface of leather on an emery wheel to separate the fibers in order to produce the nap or fuzz found on Suede leather.

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Vegetable Tanned Leather Process of making leather using tanning obtained from barks, woods or other parts of trees and plants, Most outstanding characteristics is its ability to be carved, tooled or embossed. Moccasin Leather Leather Used to make moccasins incudes - Buckskin Deerskin or Ekskin , Calfskin, Bullhide or Cow Suede Our Moccasin kits contain either cow suede or deer-tanned cowhide a cow hide leather tanned to have the characteristecs of deerskin. We are authorized distributors for many different suppliers Items listed on the website are items we can get from these suppliers and may not be stocked in our store at all times Please call for pricing and availability.

Hints On Ordering Leather Hides and leather skins Leather being a product of nature that is processed into a finished item as opposed to a manufactured product, there are certain things that make ordering leather unique. When ordering online leather is sold in full sides, double shoulders or skins. If you are local to us, there are leathers that we will cut for you and they can be sold by as small as a square foot of leather. Special order colors and leather hides are not sold as cut leather, only has full hides, double shoulders or skins. Rugged shearling for use on saddle linings and other outdoor gear.

Skins are approx. Thickness Dear Sir , our company , located in Uruguay , south America , can supply you wet salted cattle hides. Origin , Uruguay , South America. Size 6 to 10 foot, Average 8 foot, Dry salted and air dry, Aprox. Price cif international port, 3. Maimone couro is the only calfskin tanery specialist in Brazil.

We have the ability to export salted, in wet blue and tanned calfskins.

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We have the ability to export salted , in wet blue and tanned calfskin. Also we manufacter pachtwork on calfskin.

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Leather is measured by the square foot. The industry-wide This formula is based on full cowhides averaging 55 square feet. Due to the CALFSKIN. Average. tembelolpamatc.cf: A Square Foot of Calfskin eBook: H. Scott Dalton: Kindle Store.

Please contact us or visit calfskinbrazil. Maimone couro is the only calfskin tannery specialist in Brazil.


Please contact us or check calfskinbrazil. Patchwork leather rugs made with hair on cowhides. Details please visit our website in the google, using the keywords - mercoexport decor - Double plastic bags. Need some help?


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