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Ward Lt. John B. Sylvester Lt. Michael L. Dodson Lt. Ronald Emerson Adams Gen.

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Dual mm ventilated disc brakes with hydraulic twin-piston calipers Dual mm ventilated disc brakes with hydraulic twin-piston calipers. Speck December 18, - August 3, There are also growing concerns in the Marine Corps of troops adhering to ethics and cultural standards. Duncan March 10, - June 4, Put yourself behind the wheel of Can-Am's versatile side-by-side equipped with the essentials to tackle off-road landscapes—everywhere. Maxxis Bighorn 2.

Montgomery C. Meigs Gen. Eric K. Shinseki Gen. William Crouch.

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Jean-Pierre Meyer Fr. Roger Duburg Fr. Charles-Henri de Monchy Fr. Bruno Elie Fr. Phillipe Mansuy Fr. Marc Waymel Fr. Peter Pearson Maj. Kiszely Maj. M A Willcocks Lt. Jack Deverell Lt. Sir Hew Pike Lt. Brigadier General Richard C.

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Nash US A. Brigadier General James R. Mason US A. Brigadier General John T. Brigadier General Gerhard Stelz Ger. General Marin Bello Crespo Sp. Brigadier General Bernard Oberto Fr. Brigadier-General Stuart A. Beare Can. Brigadier B. Major General Charles H. Swannack, Jr. H Steven Blum Maj. A flight commander wore a star above a lieutenant's two rank stripes, squadron commander wore two stars above two rank stripes less than eight years' seniority or two-and-a-half rank stripes over eight years seniority , and wing commander wore three rank stripes.

The rank stripes had the usual Royal Navy curl, and they were surmounted by an eagle. For instance, as in various small colonial settlements such as various Caribbean islands commanding the garrison was the crux of the top job, the military title Commandeur could be used instead of a civilian gubernatorial style, not unlike the Portuguese captain-major. In the British Army , the term "commander" is officially applied to the non-commissioned officer in charge of a section section commander , vehicle vehicle commander or gun gun commander , to the subaltern or captain commanding a platoon platoon commander , or to the brigadier commanding a brigade brigade commander.

Other officers commanding units are usually referred to as the officer commanding OC , commanding officer CO , general officer commanding GOC , or general officer commanding-in-chief GOC-C , depending on rank and position, although the term "commander" may be applied to them informally. In the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry commander is a rank equivalent to major. Commandeur as title of colonial office was the case on the island of Tobago in the Dutch colony of Nieuw Walcheren.

The usage is similar to the United States Army , with the term "commander" usually applying to very senior officers only, typically at divisional level major general. In the Spanish Army , the Spanish Air Force and the marine infantry , the term commander is the literal translation of comandante , the Spanish equivalent of a Commonwealth major. The Guardia Civil shares the army ranks, and the officer commanding a house-garrison usually an NCO or a lieutenant, depending on the size is addressed as the comandante de puesto post commander. In the United States Army , the term "commander" is officially applied to the commanding officer of army units; hence, there are company commanders , battalion commanders , brigade commanders , and so forth.

At the highest levels of U. In rank, a flight commander is typically a lieutenant or captain , a squadron commander is typically a major or lieutenant colonel , a group commander is typically a colonel , and a wing commander is typically a senior colonel or a brigadier general. In NASA spacecraft missions since the beginning of Project Gemini , one crew member on each spacecraft is designated as mission commander.

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The commander is the captain of the ship, and makes all real-time critical decisions on behalf of the crew and in coordination with the Mission Control Center MCC. The title of aircraft commander is used in civil aviation to refer to the pilot in command commonly referred to as "captain", which is technically an airline rank and not related to the commander's role on board the aircraft.

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Within the British police , Commander is a chief officer rank in the two police forces responsible for law enforcement within London , the Metropolitan Police and City of London Police. In both forces, the rank is senior to chief superintendent ; in the Metropolitan Police it is junior to deputy assistant commissioner and in the City of London Police it is junior to assistant commissioner. In forces outside London, the rank equates to assistant chief constable which bears the same insignia.

The Metropolitan Police introduced the rank in , after the rank of deputy assistant commissioner was split in two, with senior DACs keeping that rank and title and junior DACs being regraded as commanders.

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Top EDH Commanders. These commanders had the most new deck submissions over the the past week, month, and two years. Click a commander below for more info.‎Naya · ‎Izzet · ‎Kadena, Slinking Sorcerer · ‎K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth. Oct 15, - EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander.

The Metropolitan Police also used the rank of deputy commander , ranking just below that of commander, between and However, the officers do not hold the rank of commander but instead hold the rank of chief superintendent. Prior to organisational change merging boroughs in to BCU's, officers in charge of policing each of the London's boroughs were given the title "borough commander".

A previous exception to this was the borough commander of Westminster , who held the rank of commander due to the size, complexity, and high-profile nature of the borough.


The Metropolitan Police Service announced that by Summer the rank would be phased out, along with that of chief inspector. The rank badge worn by a commander or an assistant chief constable consists of crossed tipstaves within a wreath. Within the Metropolitan Police Service, the tips of the tipstaves are blue and not red, unlike other forces. Until the abolition of the rank of deputy commander in , however, a commander wore the same badge of rank as a deputy assistant commissioner.

The insignia consists of a crown over three bath stars in a triangular formation, equivalent to a brigadier in the army.

In all four forces, it is junior to the rank of assistant commissioner , and senior to the rank of chief superintendent , with the exception of Western Australia and Victoria where it is senior to the rank of superintendent. In New South Wales the position of commander is instated to officers usually superintendents in charge of a command or unit. Some large police departments and sheriff's offices in the US have a commander rank. Most commonly, this is the next rank above captain.

In others, such as the Phoenix Police Department and Saint Paul Police Department , a commander rank is the next rank above lieutenant, and is equivalent to captain. The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia also uses the rank of commander, which is a grade above inspector and two grades above captain.

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The insignia worn is usually a gold oak leaf equivalent to an army major. It may alternatively be a silver oak leaf equivalent to an army lieutenant colonel or one or more stars. Commander is also used as a title in certain circumstances, such as the commander of a squad of detectives, who would usually be of the rank of lieutenant. In the Incident Command System the incident commander is in charge of the response to an emergency.