Reivindicación autonómica sobre el gobierno desconcentrado del Poder Judicial (Spanish Edition)

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A project for the Constitution was approved, and the disobedience to it has already been announced. The feelings of collective hostility and active intolerance between different groups of society have grown, while political processes develop, legally unchallengeable, but that cannot be put to right due to the dismantlement of the Constitutional Tribunal. The institutions are becoming more deinstitutionalized, the authority of the State more defied, and the government, in the facts, has lost jurisdiction in parts of the nation. In such an environment of high volatility and uncertainty, the future is less perceived with hope, and more and more as a threat against the stability of the country.

Las tres terceras fuerzas apenas llegaron a 8 cada una. Por ello mismo no debe sorprender sus fallidos resultados. Si estas fuerzas existieron fueron marginales en un principio, dentro y fuera de ella. La Paz, Asamblea Constituyente: aprendiendo de otras experiencias. Colombia, Ecuador y Venezuela.

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Jan 1. Hi All, In the user's guide, you mentioned that "a regular language can only describe sets of strings, not graphs, and GATE's model of annotations is based on graphs".

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If you download the latest nightly build it should be there and we'll shortly be making release 3. Los resultados de funciones y ecuacio- fuente sonora, que se acerca y se aleja. These findings support the correlated 3-factor structure. It can be a well known truth that real flight simulator software program software programs can mimic the knowledge of piloting a real aircraft down towards the tiniest degree of detail. Lake Geneva Badger was a close second and turned it on in the playoffs, making the sectional semifinals before losing to Kenosha Tremper, The Badgers lose conference player of the year Emma Kopp 26 goalsbut return senior midfielder Stephanie Espinoza and junior keeper Autumn Mikrut. According to the 21 May epidemiological update on polio from Tajikistan by WHO, there weremainly among children under five. Por otro lado, se pretende que sea una herramienta de utilidad para el profesorado, ya que combina competencias comunicativas y situaciones profesionales.

What would be the advantage of using GATE instead of regular expressions? Will that help me detect messages with a higher success rate than regular expressions? Regards, Java Developer. Ideal things Lixto or Kapow require too much cost. Did anyone succeed to combine such wrapping function on GATE with or without 3rd party library? Hello Gaters, My work is to split the a sentence just like a question.

After parsing I want to recognize the data individually. So that I used the semantic based parser. My purpose to use it correct. To recognize each word not only semantic wise but also hypernym, hyponym, merinym, holonym etc , I want to use the Word net. But I am getting under the list of Language Resources. Then how can I apply wordnet on the document??

Thanks very much for the suggestion--that worked. So it might be worth taking a look at ant compatibility in case others have the problem. I have current java 5. In theory the construct it's complaining about which I introduced into the build file yesterday :- should work in any Ant from 1. University of Sheffield, UK Yahoo! University of Sheffield, UK. Hi, I downloaded the current files from cvs and tried running ant. ConditionTask desn't support the "else" attribute.

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Any ideas about this problem? Is it correct? To use the syntax tree viewer, make sure the Tools plugin is loaded, then open a processed document and select the checkbox for "Sentence" annotations in the annotations tree. Right click on one of the sentence annotations in the table at the top and there should be an option to "Edit with syntax tree viewer". It is fine. I think this resource will show a tree of these annotations.

Please respond to all my queries. Regards Prakash. Williams th If you don't have access to a commercial profiler, you might also have luck with the built-in Java profiler, or just running in a GUI debugger and hitting the "pause" button to figure out where it's spending its time at a given moment. You can get at the status messages that go on the status bar in the GUI by creating an implementation of StatusListener and doing pipeline.

This should give you some indication of where it is getting stuck. Hi gaters, I am having a problem related to efficiency that I do not know how to tackle.

The pipeline is normally run over a corpus that contains only one document, with a short sentence. When I run the pipeline inside the GUI, it reports 0, seconds, but when I execute the very same pipeline in my application, the call to pipeline. The application where the pipeline is embedded is taking a lot of memory, but I do not think this is reason enough for such a change. Is this change reasonable?

La Asamblea Constituyente de Bolivia: de la oportunidad a la amenaza

Is there a way to debug what is happenning inside this call to check where this time is being spent? I know I have probably provided too little information. Do not hesitate to ask for anything you miss. Aswani dc Hello, Gaters! Do you know if and how the Gazetteer can be made to ignore characteristics such as case upper, lower or accents?

I am trying to use the Gazetteer for looking up terms in Greek; however it doesn't find words unless they are in the exact case and with the same accents as the ones initially provided. As a side note, is there any way to conditionally lookup only certain words from a document for performance considerations? Many thanks for your time! Amar Atebash.

But while running I am getting an error. Can u suggest me what else I have to do.

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You may also need to set the supple. Hello Gaters, Thank u very much 4 ur reply. Now I am getting "Supple" under Pr list suceessfully. NoClassDefFoundError at jpl. If anything has to be set yet? I put the config files also of course it is coming defaultly. This will read normal JAPE grammars, compile them to Java code and then compile those to Java classes and load them automatically.

From our tests in various settings, it appears that the execution speed is 2 to 3 times higher. Note that this code is very new and still at prototype stage. Some niceties, such as progress reporting, are still missing.

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So even if the progress bar doesn't change, be patient - the transducer is working! Transducer with com. That particular error looks like japec is trying to call the "dot" program but you don't have dot on your path. Dot is part of the graphviz package - have a search on Google to find a windows version.

I don't know what you can do with the java version of the grammar though. I've only ever used Japec via the transducer, which compiles the grammar and loads it into GATE in one step. That's the idea.


The Japec transducer should be able to replace the standard transducer in most cases, though it does have some limitations, most notably that the grammar URL must be a file: URL. Japec is a very new addition to GATE, so any feedback would be most welcome.

Hi Gaters, I have a couple questions about the new processing resource in Gate 3. About the compiler, what is the role of the ontology that it accepts as a parameter? I have been trying to use the command line version of the compiler. For that, I have run this command: japec-windows. Regarding the Transducer, the Manual says "You can simply replace gate. JapecTransducer in your gate application and it should work as expected. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. Remember me on this computer. Cancel Forgot your password?

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