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What are the signs that tell that a child is being abused? Partnerships with a shared goal of improving student achievement impact what happens in classrooms. Cigarettesmokecontain stoxicchemicalsthatcanirritateanddamagetheeyes. One day, your brother suffers from diarrhea. Exploring the Sense of Sight.

FretzElle BaDz. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Lesson guides-1st-grading 1. Participate actively in the group activity. Science Concept : Our eyes are the sense organ for seeing. These are external parts of the eyes; eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids. Processes : Observing, Describing, Identifying D. Materials : real model of an eye, mirror, manila paper, pentel pen E. Value Infusion : Caring for the eyes.

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Preliminary Activities 1. Review What are the sense organs that we discussed yesterday?

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Checking of Assignment B. Lesson Proper 1. Motivation One of the pupils is in front of the class, who is blindfold? What did you notice o your classmate? What sense organ is not shown?

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Presentation I will group you into six groups. What to use: mirror, typewriting, pencil pentel pen What to do: 1. Look at your eyes on the mirror. Observe the external part of your eyes. Draw the external part of the eye and label them. What to use: manila paper, pentel pen What to do: 1. What will you do to your eyes? How will you take care of it?

Generalization What are the external part of the eyes? How will you describe each part E. Application Who among you when swimming in a pool or beach are open their eyes? How will you protect your eyes to avoid entering anything into your eyes? Evaluation for 5 points Draw the external parts of the eyes label each part. Parts were not identified. Assignment Identify the internal part of the eye. Science Concept: There are different parts that make up the eye.

Each part is assigned with a special work to do. Processes: Observing, Describing D. Materials: Hands lens, drawing of the eyes E. Value Infusion: Realize the importance of the eyes. Review: What do we need in order to see? What are the different parts of the eye?

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Checking of Assignment: B. Lesson Proper: 1. Motivation: If you want to see the beautiful things around, what will you see? How many eyes do we have? Each of them has the same parts? Close your eyes, what can you see?

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Presentation: A. Show the drawing of the eye.

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Activity Proper: 1. Close your right eye. Hold the pencil and put your arms apart. Move both arms toward each other very quickly.

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Try to touch the tip of the pencil with your finger. Do this three times. Does your fingers always touch the tip of the pencil? Repeat the activity with your left eye closed and your right eye open. What is the result? This time, repeat the activity with both of your eyes open.

Is it easier to see the one eyes or with the two eyes. Discussion and Analysis: Your eyes are your sense of sight. The eye has many parts. Each part performs a specific work.

For Your Eyes Only Summary & Study Guide

Generalization Your see through our eyes. The eyes are the organs of sight. Application: Answer these question: a. What do the eyes need in order to see? What part of the eye bends the light as it enters? How is the image formed on the retina? Where is the message from the eyes carried? Write only the letter of the correct answer.

Demonstrates ways of keeping the eyes healthy.

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Subject Matter A. Concepts: Proper care of the Eyes 1. There are ways of taking care of the eyes. The eyes need care. Process: Observing, describing C. Material: Posters, pictures depicting care of the eyes. References: Science and Health 3 TM pp.