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Until she gains the power of mind control. The naughty mommy dominates her young son and gives him a naughty lesson in love. And that's just the start of her naughty plans. She'll make sure her two boys are happy no matter what. After all, Mommy always knows best!

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And things heat up when son number two comes home! Create Widget.

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Of Milf's and Mind Control (Of MILFs and Mind Control Book 1) - Kindle edition by Nicklaus Irons. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. Of Milf's and Mind Control 4 (Of MILFs and Mind Control) - Kindle edition by Nicklaus Irons. Download it once and Buy now with 1-Click ®. Promotions apply Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month? Browse Best.

About Reed James. A new-age company creates mind control devices to create new gods. But their new gods cross the taboo and enjoy incest with those closest to them! She hopes to hear from you soon.

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Warning: This story contains bimbofication of an intelligent MILF, mind control, out-of-control lust, body transformation, and rough sex. All that Elsie wanted was to go home and grade the rest of her student's papers in peace, but the professor she worked under, Dr. Thomas, had other ideas.

Stressed beyond belief with grades, tuition expenses, and her work as Dr. Thomas' assistant, Elsie became annoyed at every little issue that arose. During a mini-breakdown, her professor comes to her with a plan that would take care of all of her stress in hardly any time at all. Not to mention, she'd have fun doing it! All she has to do is read a special poem he has hidden away, one with transformative powers to bring out the hidden bimbo in even the most intelligent of people Read along to see what happens after Elsie reads the poem and transforms into a lust-crazed, blonde, busty bimbo with marbles for brains!

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Thomas could use some stress relief as well: perhaps they should enjoy some alone time together locked away in his office? Warning: This story contains body transformation, bimbofication, rough sex, and more. This is not a tale for the faint of heart. Danielle is stuck in the library doing some serious cramming for her midterm. The promise of the upcoming test has stressed her out to the point of a nervous breakdown but thankfully she has the best study partner of all: her professor, Dr. McManus has taught and mentored Danielle for the last several years, forging a close—some would say inappropriate—relationship with his exceptionally bright student.

When Danielle hits the mental block of utter exhaustion from studying all day and night, he decides to run off and bring them both back some coffee to get their brains working well again. McManus tells her he just wanted to give her a break to help her unwind, and what do you know?

Warning: This story contains body transformation, bimbofication, exhibitionism, rough sex, and more. Alicia has to get up in front of her University class and give a speech. The thought of being watched and judged by everyone—including her hunk of a professor Dr. Jobs—is enough to reduce her spirit to a quivering mess, but she knows she can rely on her solid knowledge of the material to get her through without too much pain.

The speech starts off without a problem but that all changes when a quarter of the way through her professor starts taking notes.