The Arcona Covenant (Book One In The Nazi Hunter Series)

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Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. A blistering alien military action thriller. The X Files meets Inglorious Bastards. On the day Adolf Hitler commits suicide a young concentration camp inmate, Uriel Golan, is marched towards his death. Two days later he leaves the Bay of Neustadt on the SS Cap Arcona - a cruise ship which will be deliberately sailed into an allied air attack to silence all the holocaust surv A blistering alien military action thriller. Two days later he leaves the Bay of Neustadt on the SS Cap Arcona - a cruise ship which will be deliberately sailed into an allied air attack to silence all the holocaust survivors aboard.

Uriel miraculously survives the attack -- and believes he survived for a reason. That reason is revealed to him seventeen years later when voices from the past charge him with a mission. Uriel must hunt down the remaining Nazi war criminals hiding from justice - because only he knows the real agenda behind the terror campaign they inflicted on his people. And in a week of carnage, Uriel unlocks secrets that have remained hidden for millions of years.

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In this wonderfully inventive novella, combining a sense of adventure with a sense of humour, Stewart King reinvents classic Nazi-hunting thrillers such as The Boys From Brazil and The Odessa File - and gives the genre a dynamic modern twist. The Arcona Covenant sneaks up behind you, garrottes you with razor wire and then leaves you in a dumpster waiting for part two.

Cover created by Transcriber from content in the original book, and placed in the Public Domain. In Fourteen Volumes Profusely Illustrated. Livingston said that when an African wild man danced, that was his religion. It is said that the savages do not preach their religion but dance it.

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According to the Bible, the ancient Hebrews danced before their Ark of the Covenant. Basil describes the angels dancing in Heaven. According to Dante, dancing is the real occupation of the inmates of Heaven, Christ acting as the leader of a celestial ballet. The service of the Greek Church—even to-day—is for the most part only a kind of sacred dance, accompanied by chants and singing. The priest, walking and gesturing with an incense-pan up and down before the numerous ikons, kneeling, bowing to the saints, performing queer cabalistic figures with his hands in the air, and following always a certain rhythm, is essentially a dancer.

It is said that dancing of a similar kind viii was performed in the English cathedrals until the fourteenth century. In France the priests danced in the choir at the Easter Mass up to the seventh century. In Spain similar religious dancing took deepest root and flourished longest. In the Cathedrals of Seville, Toledo, Valencia and Xeres the dancing survives and is the feature at a few special festivals.

It is a well-known fact that dancing in ancient Egypt and Greece was an art that was practiced in their temples. In spite of the high status of dancing in the ancient civilizations, it has not progressed steadily, as have the other arts. It has remained the least systematized and least respected of arts, generally considered as lacking in seriousness of intention, fitness to express grave emotions, and power to touch the heights and depths of the intellect.

The main reason for this has been the hostile attitude of the church to all folk-arts which manifested a more or less conspicuous ethnographic individuality—that is, were stamped as of Pagan and not Christian origin. The male intends to win the female by his beauty, grace and vigor, or vice versa. From the point of view of sexual selection we can understand, on the one hand, the immense ardor with which every sensuous part of the human body has been brought into the play of the dance, and, on the other, the arguments of the pseudo-moralists to classify it with the frivolous and least tolerated arts.

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The stamp of frivolity, put upon the dance by the Christian clergy, has retarded its natural development for several centuries. Italy and Germany, having been the cradles of all modern music and stage arts, have given little inspiration to a systematic development of the art of dancing. The seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, that have meant so much to the perfection of the opera, vocal and orchestra technique, gave nothing of any significance to choreography.

The great musical classics of the past centuries have treated dance as an insignificant side issue, thereby putting a label of inferiority upon this loftiest of arts.

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Yet dance and music are like light and shadow, each depending upon the other. As canvas is to a painter, so is music to a dancer the essential x element upon which he can draw his picture.


The fact that the art of dancing has not evolved into its normal state of equality with the other arts, is wholly due to the lack of musical leadership. Neither the reforms of Noverre nor those of Fokine nor Marius Petipa can be of fundamental value if they lack the phonetic designs which alone a choreographic artist can transform into plastic events.

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Dancing and architecture are the two primary and plastic arts: the one in Time, the other in Space; the one expressing the soul directly through the medium of the human body, the other giving only an outline of the soul through the medium of fossilized forms. The origin of these two arts is earlier than man himself.


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Both require mathematics, the one rhythmically, the other symmetrically. For dancing the mathematical forms are to be found in music, for architecture, in geometry. To realize therefore what dance means for mankind—the poignancy and the many-sidedness of its appeal—we must survey the whole sweep of human life, both at its highest and at its deepest moments.


There were no Polish concentration camps, and no Polish guards in the German concentration camps -— but there were Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian and other such guards-executioners. Prior to dental school, Brian worked in medical sales. New York City has long been their de facto state. Never happen. He never wanted war with the West, and admired Great Britain. Their right hands were extended in gestures of supplication … [A]s they moved down each left behind a broad smear of blood upon the grass … and not one of them cried … none moaned. She jumped from a death train going straight to the gas chambers of Belzec.

Every true art is a direct and immediate act of life. As in music and dancing, so in life, rhythm is the skeleton of tone and movement and also the basis of existence. We breathe rhythmically and our heart beats rhythmically.